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COVID-19 Exposure Form & Quarantine Instructions


Stockdale ISD Covid-19 Policy for 2022 


Our School Policy:

  1. Masks are Strongly Recommended by CDC
  2. Covid-19 positive person must isolate for 5 days then if symptom free can return on 6th day with a mask til the 11th day 
  3. Household close contacts must quarantine for 5 days then if symptom free can return on 6th day and wear mask til the 11th day
  4. Any person student of staff who has any active sickness symptoms such as a constant Cough, Vomiting, fever, or sore throat are to be excluded from school


Student Close Contacts:

Any person in your household is a close contact and will stay home during the positive cases isolation period.  Each person must be symptoms free upon return otherwise you need to stay home until you are.  If multiple people in household develop Covid, we base the time frame off the most recent symptom of the positive person. 

Any person Fully Vaccinated and boosted after 6 months and are not symptomatic do not have to quarantine.  

Any person who feels their child is a close contact is able to call the school and have their child quarantine.  There is no virtual school.  


Staff Close Contacts:

Unvaccinated Staff that are symptomatic need to quarantine until symptom free and test on 5 day.  Returning as long as symptom free.

Unvaccinated Staff that are asymptomatic have to test on chosen days and must test day 5.  If negative and no symptoms they can be at school.  If positive then follow positive person’s isolation days. 

Fully Vaccinated Staff are those that have their 6 month booster.  If No Symptoms then they are able to remain at school. 

If the fully vaccinated & boosted are symptomatic then they cannot be at school and need to remain at home till symptom free. 

Notify School Nurse Deirdre Hastings 830-996-1612 deirdre.hastings@stockdaleisd.org