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Stockdale ISD



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Profile of the Stockdale ISD Graduate


A graduate of the Stockdale Independent School District is expected to be accountable for his/her actions as:


A responsible decision maker

  • Who uses creative problem-solving and conflict resolution skills effectively
  • Who uses critical thinking, knowledge, reflections and reasoning to effectively evaluate information and make informed decisions


A confident life-long learner

  • Who demonstrates mastery of skills in all academic areas
  • Who analyzes, evaluates, and applies new information
  • Who is an inquisitive and resourceful self-learner


A healthy individual

  • Who practices emotional and physical wellness, including nutrition, hygiene, personal responsibility, and physical fitness
  • Who demonstrates responsible life management skills in social, interpersonal and family relationships
  • Who manages time, money, environmental and other resources in a responsible and effective manner


A literate communicator

  • Who is proficient in academic and technological skills
  • Who effectively expresses ideas using a variety of methods, including written and spoken languages, mathematics, science and the arts
  • Who is provided the opportunity to become bilingual
  • Who uses appropriate social and interpersonal skills to effectively communicate in a global society


An informed citizen

  • Who promotes democratic principles in a multicultural society
  • Who demonstrates patriotism and citizenship through community service and participation in the democratic process
  • Who understands, respects, and values all cultures
  • Who stays informed on current events


A productive worker

  • Who generates quality goods and services
  • Who demonstrates adaptability
  • Who practices a good work ethic
  • Who demonstrates leadership and cooperative work skills
  • Who takes ownership of his/her future through goal setting, decision making, and efforts aimed at continual improvement


A well-rounded individual

  • Who is guided by honorable values, morals, and ethics
  • Who demonstrates an appreciation of, and participation in, the arts
  • Who displays a genuine awareness and respect of global and cultural differences.