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Elementary Contact Information

September 03, 2013

Address: 800 South 6th Street
Stockdale, TX 78160
Main Phone: 830-996-3557
Main Fax: 830-996-3236


Front Office: lee.dockery@stockdaleisd.org
Lee Dockery – Principal robin.hamiter@stockdaleisd.org
Robin Hamiter – Counselor barbara.wiatrek@stockdaleisd.org
Barbara Wiatrek – School Nurse barbara.wiatrek@stockdaleisd.org
Vickie Wiatrek – School Secretary vickie.wiatrek@stockdaleisd.org
Linda Hannasch – School Nurse Assistant linda.hannasch@stockdaleisd.org
Teaching Staff:  
Jennifer Cannon – Prekindergarten jennifer.cannon@stockdaleisd.org
Erica Jones – Prekindergarten erica.jones@stockdaleisd.org
Beverly Hummel – Kindergarten beverly.hummel@stockdaleisd.org
Jill Skaggs – Kindergarten jill.skaggs@stockdaleisd.org
Kristi Stevens – Kindergarten kristi.stevens@stockdaleisd.org
Dawn Johnson – First Grade dawn.johnson@stockdaleisd.org
Lacey Miller – First Grade lacey.miller@stockdaleisd.org
Alexis West – First Grade alexis.west@stockdaleisd.org
Lesley Barrera – Second Grade (Reading/ELA) lesley.barrera@stockdaleisd.org
Constance Rankin – Second Grade (Science/Social Studies) constance.rankin@stockdaleisd.org
Rhea Rutland – Second Grade (Math) rhea.rutland@stockdaleisd.org
Tracy Clapp – Third Grade (Reading/ELA/Social Studies) tracy.clapp@stockdaleisd.org
Malissa McArthur – Third Grade (Math/Science) malissa.mcarthur@stockdaleisd.org
Jennifer McElroy – Third Grade (Math/Science) jennifer.mcelroy@stockdaleisd.org
Tanya Eller – Third Grade (Reading/Social Studies) tanya.eller@stockdaleisd.org
Kim McInvale – Fourth Grade (Math/Science) kim.mcinvale@stockdaleisd.org
Venicia Monita – Fourth Grade (Reading/ELA/Social Studies) venicia.monita@stockdaleisd.org
Jason Cunningham – Fifth Grade (Math) jason.cunningham@stockdaleisd.org
Patricia Rutland – Fifth Grade (Science) patricia.rutland@stockdaleisd.org
DeNay Simpson – Fifth Grade (Reading) denay.simpson@stockdaleisd.org
Samantha Kolenda – Fifth Grade (ELA/Social Studies) samantha.kolenda@stockdaleisd.org
Kay Deagen – Primary Reading Intervention/RtI Specialist kay.deagen@stockdaleisd.org
Barbara Akin – Dyslexia/Upper elem reading intervention/RtI Specialist barbara.akin@stockdaleisd.org
Brigit Lucas – Math Intervention/RtI Specialist brigit.lucas@stockdaleisd.org
Yvette Diaz – Special Education - ALE/Lifeskills Teacher yvette.diaz@stockdaleisd.org
Chris Dottino – Special Education – Primary level, ED teacher chris.dottino@stockdaleisd.org
Melinda Williams – Special Education – Resource melinda.williams@stockdaleisd.org
Richard Marquez – Physical Education richard.marquez@stockdaleisd.org
Rolando Salinas – Physical Education rolando.salinas@stockdaleisd.org
Paraprofessional Staff:  
Bradley Brantley (SE) bradley.brantley@stockdaleisd.org
Dena Cano (SCE) dena.cano@stockdaleisd.org
Lisa Winslow (SE) lisa.winslow@stockdaleisd.org
Martina White (SE) martina.white@stockdaleisd.org
Cande Marquez (SE) candelaria.marquez@stockdaleisd.org
Diana Sanchez (SE) diana.sanchez@stockdaleisd.org
Susan Washburn (SE) susan.washburn@stockdaleisd.org
Patty Marquez (PK) patricia.marquez@stockdaleisd.org
Laura Cessor (PK) laura.cessor@stockdaleisd.org



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